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You might - or might not - need to do something; read on!

We're changing our station for two reasons:

  • We want to bring you a larger library of music to broadcast than our current hosting provider can provide;
  • We want more precise control over when "live" sets are started on the station.

So we are changing the broadcasting system we use. Unfortunately, we cannot use the same URL for the new stream (since the old one was a subdomain under our previous hosting provider's top-level DNS/domain name).

After the change, we will still play the same music, and still have the same DJs. Our stream will simply be coming to you from a new internet address, so that we can make more music available to you.

You might not need to do anything!

Use one of the applications with icons in the upper-right block on this page! We will make certain they work.

Beyond that, we are updating as many internet radio directories and streaming sources as we can find with our new stream URL. So you may get lucky; your application may automatically update the stream URL for you. For example, if you listen using the TuneIn application or website, the URL change will happen automatically, and do not need to take any action.

But, you might need to.

If you are still hearing our "warning" message in the stream for several days, it means you are listening using an application or listing service that we do not know about, and cannot update. So you will need to take action to continue to listen to the station.

Two options.

The block at the top right of this web page has links to several mobile applications, and to Sonos, that you can use to listen to us. The URLs in these apps HAVE been updated to our new stream, and will work great.

If you cannot, or do not want to use one of the methods we list there, please send us an email and tell us how you listen, and we will try to help you update the URL so you can continue to listen.

If your streaming app will allow you, you can update manually!

If you know how to update the URL in your streaming app, the new URL is: 

The old stream will end soon!

This is a warning, then, that the URL you are using to listen now will go away at the end of January, 2022. Unless you use the updated URL, you will not hear Balearic FM after that.


Thanks for listening to Balearic FM, and we hope to see you on the new server!

Internet radio station directories we have updated (or update has been submitted):

Internet radio station directories we know about but have not yet updated:

  • TuneIn (waiting until all the others above are ok, then doing this MAJOR one)

Additional apps that can be used to listen to Balearic FM: